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Fisiogaspar is a reference in physiotherapy in Portugal since 1998 assuming a prominent role in the health and well-being areas

Fisiogaspar was founded in 1998 by António Gaspar, clinic of Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation strongly connected to sports physiotherapy. In the 2300 m² in which it develops its activity converge the areas of physical therapy, exercise physiology, spa, specialty medical consultation and training, with strong focus on technology and top equipment.

The core values of Fisiogaspar are rigor, integrity, commitment and excellence. Its team is composed of highly qualified professionals, distinguished by their experience and constant search of more qualified and accurate solutions. This clinic also wors on reasearch aiming to improve the treatment techniques in an unic and exclusive way.

In recent years, the mainstreaming of services and solutions for health, wellness and performance optimization have been widely explored in Fisiogaspar. The multidisciplinary projects were born out of the plurality of professionals with recognized curriculum in the treatment and monitoring of many prestigious sport teams such as the Portuguese Football Federation, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Sevilla Fútbol Club, Galatasaray Spor Kulübü, among multiple others.

If you'd like to learn more about Fisiogaspar and its offers for Physiotherapy, contact us thru email, by calling +351 220 973 751, +351 211 379 718, +351 911 046 197, or by filling out our form. You can also contact us through our free call service to your right.

Unrivaled experience

Physiotherapy by Fisiogaspar can be distinguished by its unrivaled experience gained throughout near 20 years of experience, always in search of suitable solutions to the market’s needs. At Fiogaspar, each client is unique and benefits from a programme of treatment that is developed by a fisiotherapista and adequate to the needs of the client, always aiming at a quick and efficient recovery.

In the current facilities, spacious and versatile, it is also possible to provide additional innovative treatments such as Posture Correction (with Global Postural Reeducation or Classes of Performance Posture) and Biofeedback.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sports Medicine
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