Parkinson’s Rehabilitation & Learning

in the Portuguese Sunshine

Rehabilitation and holiday programmes for British people living with Parkinson’s disease and for their carers.

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1-week Intensive Group Camp

2019 Camp Dates: 26 May -1 June

Individual Rehabilitation Programme

Individual programme takers can choose their preferred dates!

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Lousie Fox - Parkinson's Intensive Camp - October 2017

Mary Deane - Individual Parkinson's Programme - December 2016

David Hunt - Individual Parkinson's Programme - October 2017


The Parkinson’s Intensive Camp is unique in its integrated approach to PD, and an opportunity for individuals to get an introduction to most of the exercises currently available for the disease, in a positive and energized atmosphere. This short-term programme runs for 8 days, in groups of 4 to 10 participants. It includes a brief individual assessment at arrival, exercise sessions, educational workshops and social interaction.
If you are looking for a long term individual programme check the Individual Therapeutic Programme.

New 2019 CAMP DATES: 26 May -1 June


The Parkinson’s Individual Therapeutic Programme is a great opportunity to undergo intensive rehabilitation in a creative and energized environment. The programme aims to empower the individual by preventing the decline of motor functions, improving physical capacity, motivating the patient and improving confidence in social interactions and in daily activities, while promoting general wellbeing. This programme welcomes carers and/or family members. Although the presence of a carer or a relative is not required, it is a strong indicator of the success of the programme.

The duration of the programme can vary. A minimum of two weeks is recommended for better results.
If you are looking for short term programmes check the Parkinsons Intensive Camp.


All you need to do is arrange your flight to and from Lisbon. Transportation from and to the airport, the selected hotel and daily to the Campus is included. You will be escorted by a Customer Care Specialist from Medical Port during the airport transfers.

Call us on 020 3769 1398 (mon-fri; 9am-6pm) or email our customer care agent Nadir at . If you have some communication issues, please ask your caregiver or a family member to talk to us.