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    • Assisted Reproductive Technology
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    • Hernia treatment
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    • Knee Arthrotomy and Arthroscopy
    • Meniscectomy and Treatment of Knee ligaments (conventional or arthroscopic)
    • Lumbar Spinal Fusion
    • Primary Total Hip Replacement
    • Shoulder Arthroscopy
    • Treatment of Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation
    • Knee Arthroplasty (Total Knee Replacement)
    • Partial or Total Shoulder Replacement
    • Physiotherapy
    • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)
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    • Support to bariatric surgeries
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    • Sports Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Uterine Myoma
    • Tubal reversal surgery
    • Pelvic floor repair treatment
    • Oral Medicine
    • Covid-19 and serological tests
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    • Psychiatry teleconsultation
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Terms and conditions of use of the site


I. Information and ownership
  1. This website and all of its contents are property FAIRWAY – MEDICAL TOURISM PORTUGAL, S.A., a company organized and existing under the laws of Portugal, with registered office at Avenida da Boavista, Edifício Centro Burgo, 1773 A, Sala A2.4, 4100-133, Porto, registered before the Commercial Registry with single registration number 510603556, with a fully paid up share capital of € 100.000,00, (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Port” or “We” or “we”) and are protected by intellectual property and author rights.
  2. Medical Port is a registered trademark of Fairway, Medical Tourism Portugal, S.A.
  3. For purposes of these terms and conditions a user of Medical Port’s website is indistinctively identified as “User” or “You” or “you”.
  4. We only provide these Terms and Conditions in the Portuguese and English language, prevailing the Portuguese version for all legal effects.
  5. These Terms and Conditions do not replace any contracts executed for the provision of Fairway medical tourism services.
  6. This website provides general information on the services we provide.
  7. You may get additional information on our services and on our client/provider contract terms, by sending us and email and/or contacting us for such purposes. Our contacts for such purpose are: info@medicalport.org
II. Access and use
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    All other possible uses of this website and its contents is not allowed, including but not limited to:

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    • Use this site for automated data collection, such as data mining.
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  3. Links to user’s websites
    You may insert hyperlinks to Medical Port’s site in your websites, without reproducing its contents. You may insert an hyperlink that links to our website pages, provided you comply, cumulatively, with the following:

    • You will not associate your products or services to our products and services, through insertion of an hyperlink to our site, creating the idea that Medical Port is associated to or endorses and/or validates the ideas behind User’s site and products or services;
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III. Our responsibilities and liabilities
  1. Medical Port makes neither representations nor warranties in relation to this site and the contents therein provided. They are made available as is and are general information only. Any advice that you may wish to obtain in relation to the services described through our website you should email us or contact us.
  2. Medical Port endeavors its best efforts to provide all the contents duly updated but it does not guarantee that all the contents are error free, correct and/or updated at all times.
  3. Medical Port may at any time and without pre notice change the contents of this site. Any changes to it will be communicated in the website. Information on the last update is shown below at IX.
  4. Medical Port does not guarantee that the site is available at all times.
  5. Medical Port does not guarantee that the site is error free and that it does not contain harmful files, worms, trojan horses, rootkit, spyware, malware and malicious computer software and similar. You are responsible for maintaining your equipments duly and adequately protected against such harmful elements.
  6. Medical Port is not responsible, within the legal limits, for any interruptions or denials of service as a result of any third parties access to this site’s pages and contents.
  7. Medical Port is responsible for damages directly caused by it to user for nonfulfillment of these terms and conditions that are cause by gross negligence or willful intent.
IV. Intellectual property and Author rights
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V. Privacy

Medical Port may collect and process personal data from You when you are accessing or using this Website. In such instances, the privacy rules described in our Privacy Notice are applicable.

For further information and details on the collection and processing of personal data please read our Privacy Notice in our homepage or click here.

VI. Cookies

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  4. Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, links made available through Medical Port website may indicate that there is a collaboration agreement between the parties. 
VIII. Applicable laws

These terms and conditions are governed and subject to Portuguese Law. In this case, both User and Medical Port agree that the civil courts of Lisbon (Portugal), will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with the interpretation and/or execution of these Terms and Conditions.

IX. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 24 June 2013. Medical Port may from time to time make changes to these Terms and Conditions.  You will be notified of these changes through notice of change here.

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