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Appendectomy (appendix removal)

Appendectomy is the surgical treatment, whether in an emergency or a programmed surgery, for the inflammation of the cecal appendix and consists of its removal. The appendix is a small tube-like organ, adjacent to the intestine and the small intestine. The surgical removal of the cecal appendix can be performed either by open procedure or laparoscopic procedure.

What does the appendix do?

The appendix function is to produce immunoglobulin, a bacteria destroying protein that helps to fight infections in the body. Its function isn’t essential and other organs in the human body will be in charge of fighting infections when the appendix is removed. That is why, after an appendectomy, patients don’t have an increased risk for infections.

What is appendicitis?

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the cecal appendix. Most of the times, the inflammation occurs due to an obstruction caused by the retention of substances like feces, blood stagnation and other substances that circulate inside the organ. Because these substances are rich in bacteria, as they proliferate they create an inflammation.

Appendicitis can be chronic or acute.

Acute appendicitis is the most common and affects many people all over the world. Both types of appendicitis represent an inflammation of the appendix, the difference lies in the way of how the symptoms evolve. The symptoms of a chronic appendicitis can last for years, evolving slowly and usually analgesic medication is used to control the inflammation. The persistence of a chronic pain – lasting more than a month - in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and no other symptoms of acute appendicitis, is an indicator for a chronic appendicitis. The main difference is that in the case of acute appendicitis, an emergency surgery is performed and in the case of chronic appendicitis, the surgical procedure to remove the appendix is scheduled.

There is a third type of appendicitis, the recurrent. A recurrent appendicitis is very similar to the chronic one, although the manifestation of its symptoms is less frequent. As it causes recurrent pain, the most effective treatment is to remove the appendix in a scheduled surgical procedure.

Both Hospital Lusiadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusiadas Porto are two of the most modern private hospitals in Portugal, with international accreditation by Joint Commission International, and their clinical body is experienced in General Surgery. We make sure the best health professionals of this specialty perform your treatment, from the most complete medical care and the most appropriate facilities. These facts will contribute for successful results.

If you'd like to learn more about appendectomy and general surgery, contact us thru email, call us at +351 220 973 751, 351 211 379 718, +351 911 046 197, or fill out our form. You can also contact us by using our free call service to your right.

Treatment for acute and chronic appendicitis

Acute appendicitis requires, most of the times, an emergency surgical procedure, if you feel you have acute appendicitis symptoms you should go immediately to the hospital.

In the case you were previously diagnosed (or you think you may suffer from) chronic appendicitis or recurrent appendicitis and would like to treat it by removing the appendix Medical Port can help you. If you decide to do this scheduled surgical procedure in Portugal we can help you by arranging all the bookings for your surgery and treatment in top private hospitals in Portugal.

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