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Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)

Cholecystectomy is the most common treatment for cholecystitis, an inflammation of the gallbladder, and consists of its excision, whether by open or laparoscopic procedure.

The gallbladder is a small organ measuring between 7 to 10 cm long, dark-green due to its contents (bile), located between the liver and the duodenum.

This type of surgery is usually associated with gallstones or complications related to gallstones and biliary colic. It is generally considered a safe surgical procedure and one of the most common in the world, being the laparoscopic procedure the most performed.

To live without the gallbladder is usually the concern of who is about to go under this procedure. It is, in fact, possible to live without the gallbladder because with the procedure, the bile starts going directly from the liver to the small intestine, without complications.

What does the gallbladder do?

The main function of the gallbladder is to store bile, the liquid produced by the liver that helps to digest the ingested fat.

What is a cholecystitis?

A cholecystitis is an inflammation in the gallbladder walls that originates in an obstruction of the cystic duct for a long period of time due to gallstones. A cholecystitis without complications has an excellent prognostic and a quick treatment. The occurrence of complications such as perforations or gangrenes may turn the prognostic less favorable. The incidence of cholecystitis increases with age. Risk groups are pregnant women, old people, obese and patients with liver transplant.

Both Hospital Lusiadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusiadas Porto are two of the most modern private hospitals in Portugal, with international accreditation by Joint Commission International, and their clinical body is experienced in General Surgery. We make sure the best health professionals of this specialty perform your treatment, from the most complete medical care and the most appropriate facilities. These facts will contribute for successful results.

If you'd like to learn more about cholecystectomy and general surgery, contact us thru email, call us at +351 220 973 751, +351 211 379 718, +351 911 046 197, or fill out our form. You can also contact us by using our free call service to your right.

Gallstones treatment

The incidence of gallstones is 2 to 3 times more frequent in women than in men.

Gallstone treatment depends on the state of the disease.

Asymptomatic gallstones may be treated without extraction, in order to relieve the obstruction and the infection. When there is pain and gallstones become symptomatic, a surgical procedure is needed to remove gallstones and consequently the excision (removal) of the gallbladder.

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